Monday, August 6, 2007

We Have a New Location!

Wow. We have been incredibly busy of late moving both our house and our clinical office in the same month! We are currently officing at 6710 W. 121st St. Ste. #4 in Corporate Lakes just off of Metcalf. Emma loves her office balcony that overlooks the lake. I cracked the windows open last friday morning and could the drumline warming up over at Blue Valley North HS while I got ready for my clients. It reminded me of the old drum major days at Grandview HS. Emma still laughs at what a band nerd I was, and well...she should. Our new phone number is 913-647-8092. Stop by and say "hi" even if you don't want any therapy. :)

We are getting ready for a much needed vacation this week. We are going to head out to Tennessee with Emma's family for a few days. I'm hoping to get a massage and play some golf. I know that Emma will want to get a massage and do some hiking. I imagine we will also mix it up with a semi-friendly tennis match or two. Emma really knows how to make me run, so I just try to crush the ball right at her. If I could aim, this strategy would work. The kids will just be thrilled to see their cousins. We will be thrilled for that too, since the older cousins pretty much raise the younger ones when we get together!

We're looking forward to an exciting fall! Check in with us!

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