Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Favorite Christmas Music

Everyone has their favorite Christmas music. Here's a quick look at what I'm listening to a lot this season:

-Vespers-music for an all night vigil-Rachmaninoff-In my opinion, the most beautiful sacred music out there.

-Messiah-Handel-(all of it much to Emma's disdain-she just likes the pretty parts)

-Wintersong-Sarah Maclachlan-Oh my goodness, this is beautiful music.

-Christmas time is here-Vince Guaraldi version-melancholy and nostalgic

-Welcome to Our World-Michael W. Smith-lots of people sing this, I just love the lyrics.

-Behold the Lamb of God-Yellowjackets/Take 6-this track is on an album called "Soulful Messiah" that came out years ago. I get goosebumps everytime I hear it, especially when the tenor sax and the lead vocalist from Take 6 mirror each other.

-Christmas is Jesus-Bryan Duncan-I know, it's Bryan Duncan (who's Bryan Duncan?) but this is really good music. Emma digs through the CD's every year to find where this one gets buried. It cracks me up. Now, she's more into Josh Groban. Josh Groban creeps me out because I think he looks like a muppet (RIP Jim Henson). It's those beady little sensitive eyes that are too close together and the moppy hair...Anyone else feel this way??

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Chris said...

The sad truth is that I haven't been listening to any Christmas music. I need to step it up. You have inspired me to go get a CD to put in my car.