Saturday, December 22, 2007

Heading for a Time of Quiet

Emma and I just finished one of our busiest weeks ever at the clinic. It's very fulfilling work, and yet we are drained. This morning, I bundled up the kids and headed out to start and finish my Christmas shopping before the snow hit. I was overwhelmed in the Wal-Mart by the mass of people who were already there. What's more, there were just a lot of rude people there. Audrey almost got mowed down by a woman and her cart barreling out of the small appliance section. The woman acted frustrated that Audrey had gotten in her way. I hope she found what she was looking for. Later, in the car driving home, I remembered this song by Paul Simon. It made me feel better. Merry Christmas.

I am heading for a time of quiet

When my restlessness is past

And I can lie down on my blanket

And release my fists at last

I am heading for a time of solitude

Of peace without illusions

When the perfect circle

Marries all beginnings and conclusions

And when they say

That you're not good enough

Well the answer is

You're not

But who are they

Or what is it

That eats at what you've got

With the hunger of ambition

For the change inside the purse

They are handcuffs on the soul, my friends

Handcuffs on the soul

And worse

I am heading for a place of quiet

Where the sage and sweetgrass grow

By a lake of sacred water

From the mountain's melted snow

-Paul Simon

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