Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Update

     Wow.  So much has been going on, and it's hard to keep up this blog.  Here's my attempt at a general snapshot of goings on in our clinic and in our lives.  

     The home renovation project is progressing nicely.  We love this old house, and we now have a new kitchen-minus those final details that contractors conveniently seem to forget about.  Emma really should have been an interior decorator.  She did an amazing job of picking everything out.  I even used the pot-filler faucet last night to cook up some crab legs.  It felt a little strange, and I kept visualizing water pouring all over the stove top, but I quickly recognized that I was simply being catastrophic in my thinking-which happens to me more often than I want to admit. 

     Audrey and Liam are getting ready to wrap up with school for the year.  Audrey has a pretty close little group of friends now from her class.  The dad of one her girlfriends was hurt in an accident, so we decided to invite her over to spend the night to give mom and dad a break.  Well, we gave them a break alright.  Not 5 minutes after they dropped her off, we went down to the neighborhood playground, and the little girl fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm.  It was on my watch.  I told her to shake it off, and it seemed ok...until she went to the doctor the next day.  I felt terrible, and I started thinking about hosting a benefit concert to lower the height of all the community monkey bars.  It gets worse.  The next weekend, I took Audrey to a father/daughter dance at her school.  When I walked in, I saw this little girl there with her dad.  Her arm was in a sling, and she was trying to dance with her daddy, whose own hands were heavily bandaged from a burn injury.  All they could really do was kind of bump into each other very carefully to the beat of the 50's music.  We didn't stay long after I saw that.  

     Things at Resonate are really exciting.  Emma and I have been conducting marriage and premarital workshops at various churches in the area.  Our new therapists Janet Clevenger, Nicole Harris and James Bonafide are up and running, and we are exploring some interesting new ideas.  

     We are embarking upon a family adventure this coming August.  We are going to spend three days sailing in the Apostle islands on Lake Superior in Wisconsin.  Emma is a little hesitant to trust my nautical capabilities, and she keeps humming the tune of "The Edmund Fitzgerald" when she sees me looking at charts and trying to learn to tie knots. 

     My musical pursuits still involve playing a monthly gig at the Westport Flea Market with "Separated at Birth".  We always manage to have a blast.  It was also a highlight for me last month to get to play some saxophone in a band with my friend Paul Clark and my idol Phil Keaggy.  I'll post more on that later, hopefully with some pics.  I'm putting the finishing touches on the fourth installment of the "Freddie the Frog" series of music education books for kids.  These are awesome books that teach kids musical notation at an early age, so check them out.    

     We hope you are finding time to enjoy the beauty of Spring.  We are planning on spending lots of time out on the porch.  Thanks for reading, and remember that monkey bar safety is the right of every child  (a message from the "Lower the Bar" campaign).       -Grant 


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